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Things you can do to help:

 Letters/emails to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councilors of Wasaga Beach (address each one separately so they are required to answer separately) expressing your concerns with the current direction of council. Please be specific about your concern and email about each individual concern separately. Among the concerns is that the voices of the residents and businesses of Wasaga Beach are not being heard.

Letter to the Premier – talking about the efforts of this council to divert attention from the current businesses and the jewel of Ontario (the beach) and how it is affecting local business. 

Letter to the Ministry of Tourism talking about the $350,000 plan for the downtown and the Main beach that has been thrown out while this council concentrates on a new development node.  Talk about how tourism is just an aside in Wasaga Beach rather than the #1 industry in Wasaga Beach and in the world.

Letters to those overseeing the Regional Government Review

Gateway Casino to tell them the casino needs to be located in our town so that it benefits local businesses

Participate on Facebook, providing accurate information to counteract the misinformation provided on such pages as  News and Commentary and News and Community, Wasaga Beach Political Forum.

A specific page where we can gather as many WB stakeholders is being put together but
meanwhile, these are the pages seeking to provide accurate information on what is going on:
Attend Committee of the Whole and Council meetings and be prepared to stand up during the question and statement period to speak to any items on the agenda that you feel are working against moving Wasaga Beach forward.

Make sure your name is on our email list.  If you are a business, please join the Business Association.
Make a donation towards the Association sponsored Facebook campaign and the incorporation of the non-profit association.

Take a petition and get it signed by your family and friends.  Let us know when you are ready to hand it in and we will arrange to pick up the completed petition. 
Petition Copy  (in PDF Format)

Helpful Links
Wasaga Beach Council Code of Conduct

Integrity Commissioner for Wasaga Beach

Integrity Commissioner Complaint Form


Municipal Conflict of interest

These links are for sample letters, forms, and petitions for you to use to express your wishes.