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Mission Statement:

"Wasaga Beach businesses working together to support positive growth towards making our town a better place to work, live and visit."

Eligibility to join: Business Owner or management

The focus of the WBA is on a collective voice to help our town work towards adopting an environment that is conducive to the good health of local businesses and residents on a year-round basis with a focus on advocating for the Gaming and Family Entertainment Centre, library, arena, cultural centre, the Destination Management Plan, the downtown, the town square, the market area/kiosks, attainable housing as it pertains to the lack of available housing  affecting the ability to hire staff, tourism, events and any other areas that affect the business environment in this town. 



Bringing Wasaga Beach Businesses together as a collective voice to work and advocate for the common goal of prospering and being a part of a successful town with a strong local economy.
The Wasaga Beach Association will be focusing on the following areas (with other areas to be added as needed) which will work towards the common goal:
  • Gaming and Family Entertainment Centre in the optimum location to benefit local business
  • Library /Cultural Centre
  • Twin Pad Arena – to include an all-weather venue for events in the optimum location for residents and tourists
  • Destination Management plan - events/programming/festivals/re-branding 
  • Increased tourist visits and overnight stays. 4 season destination
  • Beach 1 re-development and beautification (ensuring minimal disruption to tourism during the process)
  • Community hub and downtown
  • Beach 1 bridge rehabilitation with minimal disruption to tourism during the process.
  • Market square, kiosks and programming
  • Affordable housing as it pertains to staff shortages
  • Improved employment opportunities
  • Major hotel
  • Work with Town Council and staff to promote a business environment where businesses (existing and new) can grow and flourish

Membership in the Wasaga Business Association is open to all local businesses.  The $20 membership fee is to cover the cost of the website and will afford you the benefits of businesses working together with a collective voice, at the grassroots level, towards adopting an environment that is conducive to the good health of local business and residents on a year-round basis. 

Our meetings will be moved around to different restaurants to support our local businesses.  Should a non-restaurant wish to host please let our executive know and we will book it into the schedule. 

See our list of events at

To register as a member please fill out our Registration Form and then go to the Membership tab to pay the fee of $20